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What is Furniture Cab?


Furniture Cab is a Low Cost, Efficient Delivery Service.


Our mission is to support a Circular Economy in Furniture promoting the re-use, re-sale, gifting and swapping of household items saving them from landfill.

Furniture Cab is a cab for your furniture!

Grey Living Room Sofa
Image by Sarah

The internet is full of sites where you can pick up some really great large items, many are at low cost and sometimes free.

However when trying to find a removal solution to get your prized item home – it can become complicated and expensive.

Furniture cab is the solution. 

You can also book us to pick up new large items from furniture stores, (like the Swedish one)  our prices and mileage costs are very competitive and our drivers and lifters are kind..

Our Furniture Cabs are insured and whilst in our care; your items are insured too.

Are you tired of missing out on bargains because the cost of hiring a van outweighs the bargain?


If yes, then Furniture Cab is the solution.


How Furniture Cab Was Born

One of the most heart-warming memories  we have of lockdown 2020 will be the kindness that erupted and overtook social media and our communities.

Friends, Strangers and Neighbours were offering to pick up shopping, check up on sheilding neighbours, loaning items, sharing ideas etc. 

Lockdown brought back the Spirit of Community.

 People were having clear outs and the Free/Preloved sites were awash with great reusable items.


Our sister company provides support to young care leavers, and during this time we were able to find some fantastic bargains and donations to help our young people set up their homes, however the cost of hiring vans often outweighed the bargain.

Some companies wanted a £500 deposit, while others only did full or half day hire. The vans on the corner were helpful but you needed to have a car of your own to get to the pick up point and hope you didn't get caught in traffic on the way back or risk a hefty surcharge. A man and van was a good option but again was pricey.

 We just wanted a van that would pick up and drop of our items at a cost the meant the item remained a bargain.  

And that is where the idea of Furniture Cab was born.

But we didn't want to just replicate what was already out there, we wanted to embrace and embed some of the community spirit that was so rife during lockdown, we want to keep neighbours talking and supporting each other. So our model works best and cheapest when you are working with your neighbours.

We hope you enjoy what we have designed, although to be fair not much design went into it.

Its a basic service, encouraging you to call on your friends and neighbours to help so that you don't have to pay for what you don't need.

We want to encourage shopping locally  by keeping the local to local price super low.

We have no hidden extras - we just want to offer a service that is kind to its community.

Our staff team have been trained in our ethos, we employ local people and especially young people who may otherwise find it hard to get into the job market.

We truly believe that if we all continue to be kind, we can help ourselves, help others and be part of a society we are each proud of.

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