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Do you have a complicated booking system?


Absolutely not!


We know how frustrating this automated world has become. So we still have a human receptionist who will talk to you to make sure we understand your needs – and can get your delivery right.

In fact we talk to you a lot from booking through to delivery at your items new home.


See the steps below

  1. Complete  and submit our online booking form  before 4pm and we will call you within 4  hours to give you the actual cost, confirm your booking date and time.

  2. On the day of your delivery we will give you a call approximately 30 minutes before arrival – and again when we are 5 minutes away.  If you are providing your own lifters you will need to be ready to bring your item out and load it.


 We allow 10 minutes loading time. If we are providing the lifting service, please do us a favour and try and find us a parking space.


Please note when we pick up your item – we may have other drops before we deliver to your recipient.

3.  We will call the recipient when we are 30 minutes away and again when we are 5 minutes away. They will need to be ready to take off your items as soon as we arrive. We allow 10 minutes for off-loading.


And that’s it – simple right?

Can I only use Furniture Cab for buying and selling on facebook?

Furniture Cab can be used to transport large items from A to B it doesn't matter whether you are selling/buying from Facebook, Shpock or even a shop.

Our mission is to support the increase of re-using, swapping furniture, Facebook has a lot of preloved groups that do this - which is where we got our idea from. But you can use furniture cab for all your large item delivery needs.

You can also book us to meet you at your chosen superstore with your large items eg IKEA, B&Q

How do I work out the cost if my item is going to another borough?

We use the time/distance tool in Google Maps.

So if your parcel is starting in Walthamstow and being delivered to Enfield, enter the start and end postcodes in Google Maps set the arrival time for midday.

Google will give you an average time range eg 35 minutes - 1hour.

We base your journey on the lowest time given eg 35 minutes. We charge 0.50p per minute, so for a 35 minute journey we would charge you £17.50 on top of the cost of your delivery.

When we call to confirm your booking, we will confirm the time used and cost.

I volunteer for a charity and we often get gifted items of furniture that would really help our users, but we don't have any funds for transport/deliveries - can you help?

In short, Yes!

We've set up a membership scheme that costs £20 a year for individuals, their membership will earn them 5% discount off the cost of every delivery they book in for the coming 12 months*.


When they register for membership, they will be asked to nominate a local  registered charity.

When the Charity receives 5 nominations -we will gift them a free delivery. So please encourage your supporters and colleagues to join Furniture Cab and help your favourite charity at the same time.

Helping themselves, helping others, keeping it Kind!

*discount is only available from or to the members address used at time of registration

What if I miss my delivery pick up or drop off?

Ideally this wouldn't happen, when we confirm your booking we will give you an estimated pick up/delivery time and that will be either Am or PM. In addition  we will phone you 30 minutes and 5 minutes before our arrival.


If there is any change to plan you should let us know as soon as possible, but certainly 30 minutes before our expected arrival..

We will try our best to slot you in later in the day, but as you can imagine this will cause great chaos to our planned routes. If we have to re-deliver there is a penalty charge of £20. We know that's a lot of money - and that's because we don't want you to do it!!. 

If we couldn't deliver, because we couldn't get hold of you - we would take the item back to the pick-up address.

Our aim is to make this simple for you and us, so if you do have any last minute changes please let us know as soon as possible.

Please see our terms and conditions for full details of penalty charges

You claim to be affordable, what does that mean in reality?

​We have created a simple pricing structure, that we hope will suit even the smallest of budgets. Our prices are set to encourage you to buy/sell locally and use friends and family to do your lifting. This reduces pressure on the environment and gets you working and talking with your neighbours.

A local to local job with your own lifters is just £24.99 

(we looked and we couldn't find cheaper).

If you need more than our basic package, we have created a simple easy to understand menu.  so you can design your service around your budget. See the menu below


You can add an extra 2 items to your delivery

  • Second item                    £15

  • Third item                              £10

we want you to ask friends/neighbours to help get your items on/off our furniture cab. But if that's not an option - we can help

  • Lifter One way                       £10

  • Lifter Two-ways                    £20

(a lifter is the person who carries the item on/off furniture cab)

What do you mean when you say you are helping the environment?

Our mission is to support a Circular Economy in Furniture promoting the re-use, re-sale, gifting and swapping of household items preventing them from landfill.


We know putting more vans on the roads isn't helpful, but they are clean, green and eco-friendly.


We have created a pricing structure that encourages you to keep our journeys local. We plan all our journey's using the shortest routes possible and avoid travelling during rush hour.

To save our planet, We All need to play our part.

Why are you encouraging us to not use your lifters?

We love the idea of neighbours helping each other. We saw a lot of heart-warming examples of neighbours helping each other during lockdown and we want to keep that community spirit alive.

We do have lifters  (people that can take your items on/off our furniture cab) and you can purchase their service for both ends of your delivery or if you only need us at one end of your delivery, then just book a one way lifter.

Our vans are equipped with wheeled platforms and utility carriers, that you are welcome to use.

What will happen if the lifters I have organised let me down at the last minute?

Don't worry, these things happen!. Just let us know as soon as you can. Call us and we will arrange for lifters to be available. We will ask you for payment on the phone or our operatives can take card payments.  

Can my additional items all be as large as my first item?

We have a list of items that can be added to your delivery, the list is long and varied - but not exhaustive so please ask us if you are unsure.

A typical 3 item load might be

  1. A 3 seater sofa

  2. A Double bed frame 

  3. A double mattress


My question is not here, what should I do?

.There a few options,

  1. you can complete and submit our contact form - and we will email you back a response

  2. you can send us a text message and we will text you back

  3. or if you want more information about your delivery, just complete your order at our online shop and we will call you back to discuss


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